Novair 200 Submersible

Novair submersible aerator is designed for liquid waste aeration in small water treatment systems. Other fields of operations include pond water oxygenation and fish farms. The new NOVAIR system guarantees optimal oxygenation of water treatment plants by means of a large and thick cloud of fine bubbles.



The impeller blades are designed to avoid damaging micro-organisms present in the water when operating. As the aerator is installed vertically, its body is supplied with a supporting base. Motor cooling is guaranteed by large contact surfaces between motor casing and the liquid. The excellent wear resistance of the stainless steel motor shaft, with ceramic bush around the sealing rings guarantees long product durability. Pump body, cable cover and impeller in techno-polymer. Two-pole asynchronous submersible type motor, steel shaft mounted on oversized, greased-sealed for life ball bearing switch ceramic bush.

Operating range: Air delivery 2-17m3/h for depths from 20-90cm, the inlet axis.
Protection level: IP68
Insulation class: F
Liquid temp. range: 0°C to 35°C
Liquid quality requirements: sewage from septic tank fibreless and free from solids, and clear water

Novair 200 Submersible


Novair 200 Submersible Datasheet